about seasons

Seasons was created in 1985 by Cathy Javier. It was her personal statement about art, life and love (heaven, hell and redemption). With the trust and love of family and friends from around the world and here in Los Angeles the collection of gifts, artifacts, jewelry, good luck talismans, mobiles, drums and beaded curtains reflect an ongoing journey of heart and soul.
Joined by Buddy Helm in 1987, Seasons initiated a community for drumming.  Her beaded curtains have appeared in movies and TV shows. She is the go-to person for beaded curtains. The personal and magical connection she makes with all of her clients is a heartfelt and lifelong experience that all of the clients share. In an era of tax write-offs and temporary businesses, Seasons is a reminder that we are here for only a short time and that our experiences with people are what really matters. Seasons is open everyday 11:30 til 6:30 with Drumming Meditation workshops on Tuesday and Friday night at 7 and Sunday at 3pm Pacific time. $20, drums included. We stream to youtube.

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